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Biz-Training, the courses of ‘ARTCademy’ Erasmus + Project, are now available 05.04.2020 Biz-Training, the training course’s pack of ARTCademy, are now fully available online. ARTCademy is an ambitious Erasmus + project that has been implemented by a consortium made up of 9 partners from 7 European countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain). The aim and objectives of this project are to maintain and enhance the craftsmanship and work of artisans as an element of European cultural, artistic and economic heritage. To this end, it is important to keep alive and protect the work of craftsmen by facilitating the economic and commercial feasibility of their craft companies -individual, micro and SMEs, competitive in most cases, and by providing them with knowledge and tools to adjust into new European and global markets. The courses are available in 7 languages, namely English, Spanish, Slovakian, Polish, Italian, Greek and Romanian. Biz-Training covers 4 thematic areas directly related to the handicrafts needs and to their adjustments to the current competitive economic market, and it includes 12 courses, with 3 levels (basic, intermediate and advanced):
- Art-Startup Toolkit
- Strategy for Art-Startups & Art-Preneurs & Art-Firms
- Digital Skills
- Management for Success
All training materials are completely free and accessible from this link: http://www.artcademy.eu/training.php
Employees of the AGH Faculty of Management have prepared training courses covering the fourth module – Management for success, which is aimed to develop managerial competences for entrepreneurs from the artistic and traditional crafts sector. These trainings concern, among others leadership, team management, organization management and decision making.

Contact us for any further information about ARTCademy: ebeck@zarz.agh.edu.pl

For further information about ARTCademy and other Faculty of Management AGH initiatives you can visit: www.artcademy.eu and contact dr hab. Ewa Beck-Krala: ebeck@zarz.agh.edu.pl,
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Artcademy1


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